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Did you know...

Here are some basics about diving.

How do I become a diver? You take a course to learn academic and practical aspect of diving. After successful completion of the course, you'll get a diver's certification.

Open Water Diver Course

How long does it take? 3 to 4 days is common duration of the Open Water Diver course today.

Is it difficult? The course is easier than people imagine.

How much does it cost? An Open Water Diver course around the world is approximately US$300.

Do I have to renew license? Once you acquire a license, it is valid for life time.

Getting curious?

More about diving...

Do I need to be a good swimmer? No. You need to be comfortable in water, however. Here's a quick check you can do in a pool or a bath tub: Close your eyes, pinch your nose and slowly put your head under the water. If this isn’t the most terrifying experience for you, you’ll most likely do fine leaning diving.

Are there age requirements? 8 years old is the minimum age to try out scuba program in shallow water. 10 years old is the minimum age for Junior Open Water Diver.

Should I consult with a doctor before I start diving? To scuba dive safely, you need to be in good overall health. If you are currently receiving medical care or having health concerns, we recommend you to be examined by your physician. Here is a medical form you'll be asked to fill out when you sign up for a course. If any of the items listed apply to you, ask your doctor to check if the condition is compatible with diving.

I wear glasses/contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses should not be a problem, as you wear a mask when you dive. Masks with prescription lenses are also available.

How deep do you go? Maximum depth for Open Water Divers is 18m. There are depth limits set for different levels of diver certifications. Maximum depth for all recreational divers is 40m.

How long is a dive? It depends on the individuals breathing rate, the depth, the sea condition, the dive operator's rule, etc. It is common that in calm shallow water a dive is about 50-60 min and a more strenuous dive 20-30 min.

Do you breathe oxygen from a tank? The scuba tank contains the same air you're breathing right now, only it is pure, dry and compressed.

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