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Egypt is probably one of the best diving destinations in the world. See some pictures of Dahab in South Sinai, the Lighthouse Reef, the Canyon, Bells and the Blue Hole here!
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samesameEgypt.jpg Dahab
Dahab is a good place to stay when you want to dive the Canyon, the Blue Hole and other local dive sites
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nirvana.jpg Nirvana Dive Center, Hotel and Restaurant
This is a place we can really recommend for your stay in Dahab
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YukoLighthouse.jpg Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is a reef right in front of Dahab. Just gear up, walk across the footpath and you are there.
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yukoincanyon.jpg Canyon, Bells and Blue Hole
The Canyon, the Bells and the Blue Hole are the most famous dive sites around Dahab. See some pictures here!
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Dunraven0031_2.jpg Dunraven Wreck
The SS Dunraven was a sail and steam ship launched in 1873. On the 25th of April 1876 she was on her way from Bombay (today: Mumbai) back to England when she hit Beacon Rock near Ras Mohammed. Now she is lying at 30m depth.
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LoulillaWreck.jpg Straits of Tiran
The Straits of Tiran is a passage between Sinai in the west and Tiran island in the east. There are several reefs that can be dived. From north to south there is Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef, Thomas Reef and Gordon Reef.
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Yolanda0020_2.jpg Ras Mohammed
Ras Mohammed is probably one of the most famous diving destinations in Egypt. You will find pictures of Yolanda & Shark Reef and of Ras Ghazlani here. Yolanda Reef is named after the Yolanda, a cypriot freighter that hit the reef on 1st April 1981. Four years later she slipped down the reef and is not accessible for recreational divers any more. However you still find remains of her cargo.
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PICT0047_2.jpg Thistlegorm wreck
The SS Thistlegorm was built and launched in 1940 in Sunderland, England. She was on her journey from Glasgow via Cape Town to Alexandria, when she was bombed by two German Heinkel He 111 aircrafts on 6th October 1941. Four sailors and five members of the Royal Navy gun crew lost their lives. Now the Thistlegorm is one of the most famous wreck dive sites in the world. Most of the pictures here are shot outside the wreck, for inside shots I would definitely need a better camera :-(
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